Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to ensure the best listening experience?

Turn Up the Volume. Bone Conduction listening requires a little more volume to enjoy your favorite music, so you will probably need to increase the volume on your device. Your headphones come with instructions for how to get the best output, but if you are at maximum volume and still not getting enough output, contact us for a booster device.

Proper Positioning. For optimum sound quality and volume, experiment with slightly different headphone placements near your ears. For most people, the best spot is on the bone directly in front of the ear opening.

Listening in Noisy Places. Because Audio Bone does not cover your ears, you will continue to hear all outside sounds. If these sounds are too loud, it may make it difficult to hear your Audio Bone device. If you want to listen clearly on an airplane or another noisy location, we recommend using ear plugs. When you block your ears with ear plugs, the sound on Audio Bone increases.

Stereo Jacks. Audio Bone uses a standard stereo headphone jack. If you do not have a device with stereo output, you will only hear music in one ear. If you have a device with a different type of jack, you need to buy an adapter from the manufacturer of the device to allow it to work with standard stereo headphones.

Wash when Dirty. Your Audio Bone Headphones are completely waterproof (except the jack). You can wash them off with warm soapy water to keep them clean. (Warning: Do not soak or get the jack wet. DO NOT WASH ADJUSTABLE MODEL. )

What is the correct way to wear Audio Bone Headphones?

Instructions for Wearing Audio Bone 1.0 and Special Edition
Place the looped sections above your ears, so that the phones are slightly in front of your ears. The band should be slightly loose behind your head. Do not wear Audio Bone on your ears. The phones should always be slightly in front of your ears.

Instructions for Wearing Audio Bone Adjustable
Rest the looped section lightly on top of your ears, so that the phones are slightly in front of your ears. The band should be slightly loose behind your head. The phones are on adjustable swivels – move them around until you locate the clearest listening spot on your bone.

Important: You will need to increase the volume level on your device, as bone conduction requires slightly more volume to appreciate your music. For music devices without internal amplifiers, we recommend purchasing the Audio Bone Microphone & Amplifier.

Are Audio Bone Headphones waterproof?

Yes! The Audio Bone 1.0 and Audio Bone Special Edition headphones are both completely sweat and waterproof. They are the best headphones for working out at the gym or taking a dive in the pool, and you can even wash them if they get dirty! (Warning: Do not soak or get the jack wet. The Adjustable model is NOT waterproof. )

Can people with hearing loss use Audio Bone Headphones?

Absolutely!  Since Bone Conduction bypasses your ear drums, many people with hearing loss are able to hear clearly and comfortably with Audio Bone and no hearing aid. In fact, you can even make phone calls using your headphones with the Audio Bone Headset Microphone & Amplifier.

Can I use Audio Bone Headphones with smartphones like an iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, etc.?

Audio Bone Headphones will work with any music or audio device that has a standard stereo headphone jack. In fact, by using the Audio Bone Headset Microphone & Amplifier, you can even use them to make calls without blocking your ears!

What is the Audio Bone’s return policy?

We offer a risk-free 45 day money back guarantee on all our products. You can review more info about our return and warranty policy here.

I’m astounded at the difference in sound from using these headphones. Thank you for changing my life.

Timothy P. (customer with Single-Sided Deafness)