Ear-Free Listening

Audio Bone is a breakthrough in listening technology that allows you to hear stereo music without blocking your ears. Audio Bone transmits music through your bones directly to your inner ear – so you can still hear everything around you. Audio Bone is available in two different editions: Audio Bone 1.0 and Audio Bone Adjustable. Audio Bone 1.0 is our most popular product. It provides the best quality sound, and a stylish design. Scroll down to learn more about bone conduction and for information on the technical specifications of our products.

How It Works

Invented by Beethoven – Perfected by Audio Bone


It is how we normally hear

We all hear sounds through both our bones and our ear drums. Most sounds are heard by our ear drums. The ear drum converts the sound waves to vibrations and transmits them to the cochlea (or inner ear). But in some cases vibrations are heard directly by the inner ear – bypassing your ear drums. In fact, this is one of the ways you hear your own voice. This is also how whales hear.

Invented by Beethoven

Bone conduction was discovered by Ludwig van Beethoven, the famous 18th century composer who was almost deaf. Beethoven found a way to hear music through his jawbone by biting a rod attached to his piano.

Perfected by Audio Bone

Since Beethoven there have been many attempts at bone conduction listening, but none have provided true high fidelity quality sound – until now. It took many years of work, but Audio Bone now has 4 patents pending – and an amazing stereo sound.

Bone Conduction: How it Works


How we Hear

Normal sound waves are actually tiny vibrations in the air.  The vibrations travel through the air to our ear drums.  The ear drums in turn vibrate, decoding these sound waves into a different type of vibrations that are received by the Cochlea, also known as the inner ear.  The Cochlea is connected to our auditory nerve, which transmits the sounds to our brain.

Protecting the Ear Drum

Eardrums are extremely sensitive .  Healthy eardrums allow us to hear and distinguish a variety of notes, pitches and decible levels.  Listening to loud sounds – especially for an extended period of time can damage the eardrums.  This is a primary source of hearing loss.  Eardrum damage is cumulative and more likely to occur with old age.  Listening to loud music on your iPod may seem fun when you are young, but it is likely to lead to hearing loss as you get older.

How we Hear with Bone Conduction

Bone Conduction bypasses the eardrums.  In bone conduction listening, the headphones perform the role of your ear drums.  Audio Bone headphones decode sound waves and convert them into vibrations that can be received directly by the Cochlea – so the ear drum is never involved.  Early attempts at bone conduction resulted in fairly poor sound quality.  But Audio Bone has developed new technology which decodes the sound waves in high fidelity, stereo quality sound.

Safer Listening

Bone conduction is a safer way to listen.  Bone conduction does not use your eardrums, so there is less stress on your ears.  Since Beethoven’s discovery, many scientists and universities have researched bone conduction, and research shows that bone conduction is safer for your ears than conventional listening.

For People with Hearing Aids

If you have experienced hearing loss, you may be able to hear clearly again with Bone Conduction.  Most cases of hearing loss are due to eardrum damage.  Since Bone Conduction does not use the eardrum, you may be able to listen to music clearly with Audio Bone – without a hearing aid.  Many people with hearing loss report hearing high notes with Audio Bone that they could no longer hear through conventional listening.

Audio Bone Specifications

 Standard ModelAdjustable Model
TypeStereo Bone Conduction HeadphoneStereo Bone Conduction Headphone
Normal Input30mW30mW
Maximum Input100mW70mW
Impedance8Ω± 15%8Ω± 15%
Sound Pressure Sensitivity88dB/mW (dB 1.0 dyne)80dB/mW (dB 1.0 dyne)
Frequency Response50-12,000 Hz50 ~-4,000 Hz
Cord Length120 cm / 4 ft.120 cm / 4 ft.
PlugStereo 3.5mmStereo 3.5mm
Weight35g / 1.3 oz.60g / 2 oz.

I’m astounded at the difference in sound from using these headphones. Thank you for changing my life.

Timothy P. (customer with Single-Sided Deafness)